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Pittsburgh’s Premier Spa for Permanent makeup and Permanent Cosmetics

European Facials

Skincare & Spa Services

State of the art spa treatments designed to improve and enhance your natural beauty.

Permanent Cosmetics Training

Permanent Makeup and Skincare Training Classes

Learn from Rachel Schinosi, one of the Most Experienced Permanent Makeup Artists in the Country since 1999.








Permanent Cosmetics

Let our Experts Enhance your Natural Beauty with our Exclusive Advanced Techniques.


Permanent Eyebrows

Brow Brilliance™

“3D Hair Stroke Brows”  Your perfect brows are achieved by removing hair where it is too heavy, and adding hair strokes of color where the hair is sparse.  Semi and permanent cosmetics join waxing and tweezing to sculpt exquisite brows.

brow brilliance

Permanent Eyeliner

Adding color to the lash line makes lashes appear darker and fuller. It also defines, brightens and accentuates the eyes. Thickness and color are customized for each client.

Lip Color

Permanent Lip Color

Because color is put into the lower layer of the skin, the result is always natural looking, and you will still be able to change the color with your own lipstick when you want to.

3D Nipple Tattooing

3D Nipple Tattooing

At Cosmetic Solutions, our mission is to provide the highest quality tattooing service which includes our 3D Nipple Tattooing

Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage

Our objective is to make what seems to be permanent scaring disappear. Contact us today to see how we can best help remove scaring.

Scalp Tattooing

Scalp Tattooing

Through scalp tattooing, we can help restore confidence in men and women who are struggling with hair loss & thinning. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Skincare & Spa Treatments

Restore the health and beauty of your skin with our powerful, yet non-invasive Spa Treatments.

European Facials

Basic Spa Treatments

We offer amazing treatments designed to address all skin conditions by combining medical-strength additives with certified organic products to suit your skin’s individual needs.

Meta Therapy

Exfoliating Spa Treatments

META Therapy is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and the improvement of the skin’s texture, tone and color.

microderm abrasion

Advanced Spa Treatments

Our Microdermabrasion facial peel is a fabulous treatment for all skin types. This treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles, clears up blackheads, minimizes the size of pores and evens out skin tone.

Permanent Makeup & Skincare Training

Learn from leading expert, Rachel Schinosi, with over 25,000 permanent makeup procedures of experience.

Eyebrow Training Courses

Permanent Makeup Training Classes

At Cosmetic Solutions, our mission is to ensure that our students become true microblading brow artists. Like any other art form, microblading takes the proper resources, mentors and, most importantly, practice to create beautiful, natural-looking brows.

Skincare Training Classes

Our objective is to teach students to become successful by applying correct methods in the implantation of permanent pigments and designed to enhance your career, grow your clientele or start a new business as a Permanent Makeup Artist.

Model for training

Be a Model for a Training Class

Whether you are looking for products to use at home or wondering which skin treatments might work best for you, our estheticians are here to help you.

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Why Our Program is Second to None

Cosmetic Solutions technicians constantly immerse themselves in training of the latest and most innovative procedures in the Pittsburgh permanent makeup industry. Chosen and led by Cosmetic Solutions President and Cosmetic Enhancement Specialist, Rachel Schinosi, our staff has unparalleled skill and expertise. Rachel started her cosmetic career as a medical esthetician, licensed by the state, as well as a make-up artist. She now brings her years of experience to Cosmetic Solutions.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Solutions

  • We have over 20 years of experience
  • We have over 25,000 procedures worth of experience
  • Our focus is on beauty that lasts
  • Multiple packages are available to offer even more value for your cosmetic needs
  • As a new customer, you can get a free gift certificate to use on your first visit
  • More promotions are offered on a regular basis
  • Expert Staff with unparalleled expertise

Cosmetic Solutions has been helping people turn back the hands of time for well over 10 years. We are an aesthetic boutique that specializes in helping people look younger and more beautiful instantly and without surgery. Pittsburgh permanent makeup company, Cosmetic Solutions utilizes the latest technology and procedures for various non-invasive skincare solutions like permanently applied cosmetics, collagen induction therapy, lipo and cellulite reduction (non-surgical).

We practice non surgical procedures so that you are left with little or no discomfort at all. The best part is that we can perform these procedures in a short time (typically in less than an hour) so that you can carry on with the rest of your busy life.

Reviews & Testimonials
  • “Being a coffee drinker, I have trouble with stains on my teeth. It can be bothersome to sleep with the teeth whitening trays that I got from my dentist. The teeth whitening treatment at Cosmetic Solutions is so quick and easy! Within an hour my teeth are 3 shades whiter with no pain at all!”

    Jane, Age 50
  • “I have never been happy with the shape of my eyebrows. I was never really sure which hair I should tweeze to get the perfect arch. The girls at Cosmetic Solutions helped me shape my brows without removing too many of my own brow hairs. They used brow pencil to show me how color enhancement would look on me. I loved it so much, that I decided to have it done! Now my brows look perfect all the time!”

    Kalyn, Age 22
  • “For the first time in my life I feel like a natural beauty.”

    Linda, Age 63
  • “I lost my eyebrow hair and eyelashes as a result of chemotherapy. I waited a long time to have permanent makeup because I was so afraid of how it would look. To my surprise, my brows and eyes look even better than they did before I lost them!”

    Beverly, Age 47
  • “The first time I went to Cosmetic Solutions, I had a microdermabrasion and an eyelash tint. My skin looked and felt terrific and my lashes stayed dark for over a month! I was so happy with the services that I decided to try out the permanent eyeliner. I love it! It is so great to know that my eyes always look nice, even when I don’t have the time to apply makeup.”

    Emily, Age 34
  • “I have always had very pale lips. Every lipstick I tried looked too dramatic with my fair skin. Rachel was able to add a very natural color to my lips. It feels great to know that my lips look great even when I’m not wearing any lipstick!”

    Lacy, Age 30
  • “Received permanent brows in July-LOVE THEM!!!! They look so natural! Plan to return for touch ups and possibly a facial. Rachel, you are a sweetheart-looking forward to visiting your boutique again, even though I live over an hour away. Your service was top notch! Thank you!!”

    Danielle, Age 40
  • “People cannot believe that my eyebrows, eyes and lips have been permanently enhanced. I am told over and over again that Rachel’s technique is the best they have ever seen!”

    Shari, Age 50
  • “I went to Cosmetic Solutions to have my eyes and eyebrows done prior to chemotherapy. I wanted to try and look a little better while I was sick. I never imagined I would look this beautiful without wearing any makeup. I absolutely love it and I wish I had done it sooner.”

    Beverly, Age 50
  • “From the moment I walked into Cosmetic Solutions, I felt completely at ease. The people are professional, the facility is immaculate, and they are true experts at what they do.”

    Heather, Age 30
  • “While having a facial in Las Vegas at a very exclusive spa, the technician commented on my makeup and said that it was the best she had ever seen. And she services people from all over the world! I knew that choosing Cosmetic Solutions was the best thing I could have done.”

    Sharon, Age 50
  • “I have very light features and have had to apply makeup since I was sixteen. I wish I would have known about this service years ago. It saves me so much time.”

    Willa, Age 77

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Merna Before Cosmetic Solutions

Merna before permanent eyeliner and permanent lip color

Lindsey Before Cosmetic Solutions


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