Before Care Instructions

Please read below to see certain precautions that need to be considered before your appointment.

If you are taking any kind of blood thinning medication, vitamins or supplements, you will want to stop taking them one week prior to your appointment. If it is harmful to stop, please do not stop, but be aware it could have an impact on the healing process.

If you are having your lips done and are prone to cold sores, it would be best to premedicate starting the day before with an oral medication to keep the virus from developing. The prescription can be obtained through your dentist, physician or we work closely with Doctor Phillip Kantor, DMD (724-746-3360) to provide an oral medication to keep the sores from erupting.

If you are having eyeliner done and you are using a lash growth product such as Revitalash or Latisse, it is strongly advised to stop using the product one month prior to your appointment. It is also strongly advised to hold off on resuming the product until two weeks after the permanent eyeliner is applied.

After Care Instructions

All Areas

Immediately after your permanent makeup procedure, you will notice that the area will appear much darker than the desired result. This is normal. The color will start to lighten up over the next couple days and eyeliner and eyebrows will be very natural-looking at the end of the first week (see the lips section for information about them). In most cases, the final result looks more natural than everyday makeup.

It is crucial that you keep the area moist with an ointment such as Vaseline, A&D ointment, or TattooGoo. Antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin can only be used if you have used them in the past and are sure that you are not allergic to it.

When applying ointment, you should use a clean Q-tip or thoroughly washed hands.

You may experience mild flaking of the color after the first few days. This is normal as the outer layer of your skin exfoliates. Do not pick, peel or force the skin to come off. Reapply ointment to treat flaking areas.

Be careful when washing your face. It is o.k. if the area gets soap or water on it, but do not scrub the area. When you are finished, gently blot the area dry and reapply ointment immediately.


Eyebrows usually do not swell or bruise.


It is normal for eyebrows and eyeliner to feel itchy for about 6 weeks after the procedure.


Infections are very rare but sometimes occur if you apply ointment that contaminated or if you use an old tube of mascara too soon after the procedure. Some signs to look for include: bloodshot eyes that continue to get worse rather than better, burning or swelling that persists for more than 24 hours, or any type of discharge in the eyes. Please call your doctor immediately if you are experiencing an eye infection.Antibiotic eye drops usually clear up the problem on the first day.


Both areas may experience slight swelling or bruising for the first 24 to 48 hours. Cold compresses may be applied to the eyes to reduce this. For eyeliner, most clients are just a little puffy as if they were crying. In most lip cases, clients continue their normal activities, the lips just look more dramatic than usual.


In some lip cases, the color disappears completely within the first six weeks, but do not panic. The color will start to come back again as the lips continue healing. Because skin on the lips is more delicate, it usually takes four to six weeks until you know what the final color will be.

Lipstick or lip gloss may be worn after the first week if the color seems too light.

Be careful when eating or drinking anything extremely hot, you do not want to burn the skin.

It is normal for your lips to be extremely dry or chapped as they heal. Lipstick, chapstick or lip gloss will not provide enough moisture during the first week. (See to the left what ointments to use.)