Permanent Eyebrows

Our exclusive technique for 3D Hair Stroke eyebrows – Brow Brillianceā„¢

Eyebrows provide the framework for your face and can take years off of your appearance. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty figuring out how to shape their eyebrows in a way that flatters their face. Having your eyebrows permanently enhanced can save time, frustration, and worry. Our unique approach to Permanent Eyebrows consists of adding multiple shades of your brow color; in the form of fine hair strokes in the areas where your brow hair is sparse or missing. The result is more natural looking than pencil and can give you the shape you always wanted, without the fear that it will come off.

Digital Microblading
Permanent Cosmetics Training

Before your eyebrows are permanently enhanced, our technician will draw your eyebrows on with pencil. This will give you the opportunity to see what you will look like before committing to having it done. At Cosmetic Solutions, we never use stencils. We feel that each client is unique and therefore, we customize your eyebrow shape to fit your face. If you are interested in scheduling a Permanent Eyebrow appointment or consultation, call us today at (724) 745-7550

Many women worry about losing their eyebrows during chemotherapy. Having them permanently applied can eliminate that worry.