Applying color to the lips will give definition, fullness and a more youthful appearance. Because color is put into the lower layer of the skin, the result is always natural looking, and you will still be able to change the color with your own lipstick when you want to. Color and shape are customized for each client.

For the very busy career women, having to retouch the lipstick every once in a while during the day can be very bothersome. Having to lug that mental baggage around can be inconvenient and tiring. You constantly worry about having your lipstick smearing on your teeth, or having the color bleeding past the edges of your mouth during your dinner date, or having to reapply that lip tint now and then, again and again. Fortunately, permanent lip makeup is now an attainable option.

At Cosmetic Solutions, you can have a permanent lip liner procedure or a full permanent lip color procedure. With either case, you can still enhance or change your permanent lip color, if you want, with regular lipstick for the occasional variety. However, you can be confident that your permanently made up lips will look great all the time.

How is permanent lips makeup applied? Basically, the process involves tattooing around and/or inside the lip area. The esthetician applying the permanent makeup around and/or in your lips uses a medical-grade hollow needle to penetrate the skin and release the pigment. At Cosmetic Solutions, however, we make sure that this is done safely and almost painlessly. Before giving you the permanent makeup around and/or in your lips, you will get a skin patch test to check whether you have any allergic reaction to the pigment that we will be using for the procedure. After the test, if you pass, the esthetician will help you choose which color to use for your permanent lipliner or permanent full lip color makeup. Then using a sterile surgical pen, she will sketch the area surrounding your lips to be tattooed. Once this is done, she will apply an anesthetic gel on and around that area of your skin. Finally, using a special hollow, vibrating tattooing needle, your attending esthetician will apply the pigment into the upper layer of your skin. Every time the tattooing needle penetrates your skin, a tiny droplet of pigment is released into the punctured area. The esthetician will proceed until she finishes putting on your permanent lipliner or full lip color makeup. The procedure takes anywhere between one and two hours to complete depending on whether you want a permanent full lip color or just a permanent lipliner makeup done on you.

After the permanent makeup procedure is done, clients usually have to wait for about three weeks for the color to fade down into the desired permanent shade. Initially following the procedure, it may seem that the color looks dark and shiny as the surrounding tissue will likely be still swollen and red. In about 3 to 4 days though, this will begin to resolve as the surface layer “peels” and the natural color tone underneath is revealed. Typically, you will be advised to use a cold compress to reduce the swelling and to apply antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection. In any event, your attending skin care specialist at Cosmetic Solutions will give you a detailed customized step-by-step guide for your post-procedure home care.