Color can be added to hide scars from surgeries such as face lifts, hair transplants, a mastectomy and more. A consultation is required before any camouflage appointment so that we may determine cost and time.

We have helped many people camouflage scars from Mastectomy, Hair Replacement, Face Lift, Cleft Lip, and other surgeries. We also Provide permanent makeup services for clients who have Alopecia.

Scars resulting from surgeries, burns, traumatic accidents or other injuries, as well as other skin imperfections like birthmarks and abnormal pigmentation, can be hidden or at least made less obvious through the skilled application of cosmetic tattooing. With this procedure, both men and women can benefit in terms of the boost in confidence they will get from having the scarred or affected skin areas on their bodies permanently made up to look like normal and healthy skin.

At Cosmetic Solutions, our estheticians are also trained in that specialized field in permanent cosmetics called ‘Camouflage Tattooing” or “Skin Color Tattooing”. The purpose of this specialized field is to use tattooing to disguise or hide from plain sight a scar or a portion of the skin that is missing pigment or color or which otherwise looks different from its surrounding areas. Aside from having an artistic eye for color and skin tone, a good practitioner in this field must also have a thorough understanding of the science behind pigments and the physiology of human skin and tissues. We are proud of the fact that our estheticians are very competent in this field of specialization.

Scar Removal

How is camouflage tattooing done at Cosmetic Solutions? First, we will have to ascertain from you whether you have clearance from your medical doctor or physician to undergo this cosmetic procedure. If you have such clearance, we will proceed to the next step, which is to give you a “spot color test.” Here we will analyze your skin tone, mixing varying combinations of pigments to arrive at a possible good match with your own natural skin coloration. This process can take about an hour to complete since this involves trial and error. Once a good match is found, your attending esthetician will tattoo a small spot in your scarred or discolored skin using the mixed pigments. When through with the trial tattoo, you will be asked to wait from one to two months to see how the test color will look after healing. If you and your esthetician are satisfied with the result, we can proceed with the tattooing of the rest of your scarred or damaged skin. Otherwise, we can try again with another spot test with a different pigment mix. We will keep on doing this until we arrive at a pigment mix which perfectly camouflages your scarred or damaged skin after healing and after the color stabilization of the trial spot tattoo.

At Cosmetic Solutions, camouflage tattooing is done safely and almost painlessly. We use medical-grade tattooing needles and we apply only prescription topical cream to numb the skin before the procedure. If at any time, the customer feels uncomfortable, we increase the application of the analgesic gel on the affected area. After each session, we also make sure that the client fully knows and understands everything he has to do at home during his post-procedure care regimen.

Medical tattooing