Skinceuticals Micropeel is a customized epidermal peel that can benefit all skin types. Dead skin cells are removed with combination of dermaplaning, medical strength acids and cryogenic therapy.

For those not yet familiar with the term, micropeeling is a non-surgical procedure to remove dead skin cells in order to attain a smoother, gentler, and otherwise better complexion. It involves the application of chemical peels, which are medically safe mild chemical skin irritants, to expedite the shedding of those dead surface skin cells. At Cosmetic Solutions, we are proud to say that we use only micropeel products under the SkinCeuticals brand. Based on our own experience, we have come to agree with SkinCeuticals’ claim that their pharmaceutical-grade professional peels can stimulate collagen production and thereby reduce facial lines and wrinkles and other signs of aging, exfoliate surface cells in ways that would decrease hyper-pigmentation and skin dullness and even cut the frequency of acne breakouts and fade the appearance of post-lesion discoloration.

At Cosmetic Solutions, a micropeeling treatment session typically takes just about half an hour to complete. During such a session, your skin will first be carefully cleansed by our esthetician. Then the dead surface skin cells will be gently removed through a simple process called dermaplaning. Basically, dermaplaning involves exfoliating the epidermis and shaving off the fine vellus hair, otherwise known as peach fuzz. After this is done, the SkinCeuticals micropeeling solution or gel will be applied by your attending esthetician. Some who have undergone the treatment usually experience mild, temporary burning and itching sensations but these can be readily remedied with ice or other cooling stimulants on the affected skin area followed with a good moisturizing cream or lotion.

Immediately after a micropeel treatment, most people can already resume with their normal activities, although it is always best to have some kind of sun protection when going out. Most of them will also have no obvious evidence of the peel, although those with relatively fair skin may have a redder than usual complexion for about a day or so.

Generally, six micropeeling treatment sessions will be advisable, with two week intervals between each session, if you wish to achieve the best possible results. Once you have completed the six initial treatment sessions, you can maintain your soft and smooth micropeel-ed look with follow through sessions every one to three months. At Cosmetic Solutions, our trained esthetician will also help you select and buy SkinCeuticals home skin care products that would be most appropriate to your particular skin condition to complement your micropeel professional treatment. She will also write you down a step-by-step guide for a regular home skin care regimen which you can easily follow while in between visits to your professional skin care specialist.

Compared with other types of chemical peels, a micropeel does not penetrate the skin as deeply and so is generally not used to remove scars or wrinkles or to correct other major skin defects. It is however much safer, more affordable, less complicated and a shorter process. Taken in conjunction with a good home care regimen, along with a fairly healthy lifestyle, it may be all that most people will need to keep their skin looking young and vibrant for an indefinitely long while.