Brow Brilliance

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Eyebrow Shaping

Brow Brilliance

Any makeup artist will tell you that a beautiful face starts with gorgeous eyebrows.  Most women do not have the perfect brow shape without having to make a few adjustments.  Fortunately, there are several options available to improve your brows today.

Don’t Over Tweeze

Unfortunately, the most common thing that people do is reach for the tweezers and start pulling out hair in an effort to create their perfect arch.  There’s no denying, tweezing is a necessity in shaping most brows, but there are usually only a few hairs that need to be taken out.  The object of tweezing is simply to create a more balanced and symmetrical look .  If hair is taken from the wrong part of the brow, it can change the look of a face dramatically.  Removing hair from the wrong part of the brow can end up making a person look angry or surprised.  And removing too much hair can actually make a person’s eyes look smaller or make them appear that they are too far apart.

Trust only a Specialist with Waxing, Sugaring, or Threading     

People get tired of tweezing and find it difficult to achieve the shape they want.   Waxing, Sugaring, or Threading are some of the different professional methods of removing hair quickly, and these methods even remove the baby fine hairs that are hard to tweeze.    It is important to realize that eyebrow shaping is an art.  Any esthetician or cosmetologist can provide brow shaping services, but not every one of them is going to be good at it.  You will know right away that you have found a brow specialist because they will take extra time to point out what is right or wrong with your eyebrows,  and they will be very careful not to remove too much of your hair.

Consider coloring your eyebrow hair   

If your hair color and your eyebrow color do not match, you may want to consider coloring your eyebrow hair.  For example, if you have decided to change your natural hair color from dark brunette to blonde, you may want to lighten your brow hair by a shade or so.  Red heads and blondes often have brow hair that is so light you can barely notice it, therefore, they may want to darken their hair by a shade or two.  Hair can be colored by a professional cosmetologist or esthetician and will usually last about four to six weeks.  Another option is to use a colored brow mouse (mascara) that would wash off like makeup.  Blinc makes a fabulous brow mouse that comes in multiple shades ranging from a light blonde to a dark brunette.  The mouse is excellent for camouflaging white or gray hairs rather than pulling them out.  Adding pencil or powder to your eyebrows can help fill in sparse or missing hairs and can help give a more defined look.  When penciling your eyebrows, it is very important that you apply the right color, or they will appear overdone.

Fill in Sparse or Missing areas of your Eyebrows   

Most women have areas of their brows that are sparse, and many others don’t have any brow hair at all.  This problem can be solved easily by applying a pencil or a brow powder.  It is very important to choose a color that either matches your brow hair, or is a shade lighter.  In an effort to save time, money, and frustration, a lot of women are choosing to have their eyebrows permanently enhanced.  The latest technique for enhancing eyebrows permanently involves filling in the sparse or missing areas of the brows with tiny “hair strokes” of color that mimic the existing brow hair.  The results are actually more natural looking than pencil or powder because the hair strokes are placed under the skin, rather than sitting on top of it like makeup.  Having the eyebrows permanently enhanced can provide the perfect template for waxing or tweezing, because the color will not wash off.  Though the treatment is considered permanent, it does need maintained about once a year to keep the color fresh.  When choosing a permanent makeup artist, it is crucial that the person is very experienced in the hair stroke technique.  Be sure to look at a portfolio of their work and also see some of their other clients in person if possible.

If you would like to improve the appearance of your eyebrows, but you aren’t sure which method(s) would work best for you, you might want to set up a consultation with an eyebrow specialist.  A good brow specialist should be able to offer you several different options to improve your eyebrows and help you decide which method is right for you. Brow Brilliance

Brow Brilliance