Eyelash Tint

At Cosmetics Solutions, we offer a wide range of lash and brow services along with our other facial and spa treatments. As we always do, we aim to tailor fit our services to exactly match each of our customers’ own unique set of needs and expectations. Whether it is eyebrow waxing or plucking, lash & brow tinting or eyelash extensions, we proceed only on the basis of what would be most in keeping with our client’s best interest.

Having perfectly groomed eyebrows is an essential part of looking your best. Let our brow experts bring balance and harmony to your unique bone structure creating a polished prettier you. This service is excellent for people of all ages.

Would you like your eyes to look more vibrant and alive? All you have to do is let your attending esthetician know. She is trained to give you just that. Through customized brow shaping, customized brow coloring and customized eye lash tinting, all of which will be done to blend perfectly with your other features, she can give your eyes a complete makeover. For many of our customers, the overall effect can be almost magical. It is as if they have been transformed into younger, more alive versions of their current selves. This of course can be understood if you consider that your eyebrows frame your face while your eyelashes frame your eyes. If the hairs which make up your brows and lashes are pale, thin, uneven or inconsistent, your total facial aesthetic suffers. By giving your brows and lashes more definition, through a balanced combination of reshaping and tinting, our estheticians can give your face a new structure and a more pronounced symmetry.

If you happen to be fair-skinned with pale straw-blonde hair and correspondingly lightly-colored brows and lashes, you would probably want to find out more about our lash-and-brow professional tinting services. Even if your eyebrows are really thick and full and your eyelashes are naturally long and silky, chances are they won’t be seen unless you use makeup to make them seem more pronounced. At Cosmetic Solutions, we can offer you a better, more lasting alternative to your mascara and eyebrow pencils. We have expert estheticians who are trained to safely give your eyebrows and eyelashes a more permanent dye. This way, you won’t have to constantly worry about having to retouch them every day.

Lash and Brow Enhancement Products

Take home a six month supply of our best selling product, Revitalash! Your lashes and brows will be longer, fuller and darker after just a few weeks of use. Best of all, there are no side effects to using these products.
To complement your lash-and-brow professional treatments at the spa, your attending esthetician will help you select and buy the kit or product that would most suit you for your personal home care regimen. She will also guide you on their proper application so as to attain optimum results.