Hydrafacial is a brand using patented technology to offer a one of kind medical grade facial like no other!

Best known for their three steps thirty minute facial for the “best skin of your life”, Hydrafacial is a brand using patented technology to offer a one of kind medical grade facial like no other! Another great quality of the Hydrafacial—it is great for all skin types!  The Hydrafacial is done with different super serums for each step that are made with nourishing ingredients making you have the “Hydrafacial glow” in just three simple steps! Hydrafacial is also known as Hydradermabrasion.  Like Microdermabrasion, it thoroughly exfoliates the skin, but the Hydrafacial does this with serums and a vacuum, and Microdermabrasion uses crystals and a vacuum.  Hydrafacials are safe and effective on every skin type, and  Hydrafacial is the safest choice for exfoliation for those with thin, delicate, or sensitive skin.

Step One- Cleanse & Peel

Uses a Trademarked super serum unique to Hydrafacial to get a deep cleanse and soften the skin to prepare for the extractions step of the facial. This step uses Glucosamine to help exfoliate dead skin cells, Lactic Acid to exfoliate and brighten the skin, and Algae Extracts to calm the skin and rehydrate to firm the skin and smooth out lines. Three different strengths of peels can be applied to the skin. These peels vary in the amount of glycolic and salicylic acids. The Hydrafacial trademarked peels are similar to doing an aggressive exfoliating treatment and chemical peel in one treatment.

Step Two- Extract & Hydrate

Another Hydrafacial tradedmarked super serum is used in conjunction with a suction to pull dirt and debris  out of the pores of your skin. While this step is using a vacuum suction to pull out impurities the serum is gentle and still hydrating to avoid irritating the skin. This serum includes honey extracts for hydrating, saliclylic acid and willow bark extract as exfoliators, Tasmanian pepper and spiraea Ulmaria Etracts to calm the skin and prevent inflammation.

Step Three- Fuse & Protect

The last step of the basic Hydrafacial uses yet another super serum, which has deep moisturizing properties as well as firming peptides and detoxifying antioxidant blends. This step is crucial to lock in skins hydration and reduce the fine lines in the skin. The ingredients in this serum also protect the skin from harmful substances in the environment. This step of the hydrafacial uses Hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts, flower extracts, Copper Magnesium and Zinc, and Algae extracts.

Making it Deluxe!

The signature Hydrafacial can easily be made into a deluxe treatment by adding dermaplaning and a trademarked Hydrafacial booster. Hydrafacial offers three boosters- CTGF, Dermabuilder, and Britenol.

CTGF - Standing for Connective Tissue Growth Factor this booster is best for fine lines and wrinkles and brining your skin back to a more youthful state. It is a unique booster as it is naturally derived from human growth stem cell factors.

Dermabuilder - This is the Hydrafacial Age-refining peptide booster. It is meant to enhance elasticity in the skin and help to stay ahead of the aging process of the skin. Made from all peptides this booster is sure to help smooth the appearance of your skin.

Britenol -  Hydrafacials “intense spot corrector” helps to balance uneven skin tone. Over time it can also aid in ridding the skin of dark spots and sun damage when done consecutively through your hydrafacial treatments! This serum uses berry extracts to brighten and vitamin C to aid in protecting your skin from further damage!

Who can get the Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial prides themselves on “not having a type” and being versatile to all skincare needs! At Cosmetic Solutions we know everyone has different skin types, tones, and concerns and we are so happy to offer something so customizable to fit everyone in one relaxing service! Whether you struggle with any of the following concerns, we can help:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dull skin
  • Elasticity
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Congested skin
  • Severe black heads
  • Brown spots
  • The ONLY person that is NOT a candidate for Hydrafacial is a pregnant or nursing woman. This is due to the use of the exfoliating acids such as the glycolic and salicylic acids.