Non Surgical Lipo and the Correct Diet Can Change Your Life

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that literally removes unwanted fat in the body through a surgical procedure. This surgical procedure can be very risky because too much removal of fat can leave dents or lumps on areas and at the same time there is a higher chance of gaining the fat again. This type of beautification is painful since patients would really undergo an “under-the-knife” experience. But today, science has made beautification and cosmetic surgeries painless and easier without losing any blood or having deep scars.

Non Surgical Liposuction has become a trend in losing weight. There are a number of non surgical lipo procedures that can offer a painless, sure way of eliminating fats without the worry of gaining it again. These procedures are an advanced procedure, which is scientifically proven to initiate the natural process of the body to release all the stored contents in the adipose tissue. Non Surgical Liposuction uses laser light to gently absorb the fat cells in a certain area. It temporarily opens the pores of the cell wall allowing the fats and toxins to pass through. The good thing about Non Surgical Lipo is that it does not affect the neighboring structures, which are healthy such as the skin, nerves, and blood vessels. The fats being absorbed from the cells are then transported to areas in which these fats can be metabolized and transformed into energy during exercise. The expected result in the area in which the non surgical lipo procedure is applied reduces to 1-2 sizes in every session.

Like any other operation, there are things that must be done that serves as preparatory procedures to condition the body to the surgery and to avoid unnecessary complications that might risk the patient`s health and body.

Things to remember

• Drink 8- 10 glasses of water per day before and after the treatment to hydrate the body.
• Do not take in any food 2 hours before and after the surgery.
• Schedule each session with a 2-3 days gap to allow the body to adapt to the changes.
• Do not take any alcoholic or carbonated drinks during the treatment session.
• It is advisable to exercise within 4 hours after the surgery to eliminate the released fats.
• Watch the food intake
• It is advisable to enroll in nutritional counselling and exercise training to enhance good results.

Like any other slimming procedure, exercise and proper diet should be incorporated to promote longer and better results. Relying on the non surgical liposuction alone cannot guarantee the complete elimination of fats. Eating the right kind of food and balancing the daily intake can boost the metabolism process. Exercising for 4 hours a day will also give a remarkable result. Exercise can tone the muscles, fastens the metabolism, and burns the released fats easily. Having a healthy body can now be attained through proper exercise, diet, and with the aid of non surgical liposuction procedure. Achieving the optimum level of health can make a person feel happy, beautiful, and successful. Indeed, Non Surgical Lipo will surely bring a major change to a person`s life.


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