Permanent Lip Color

Permanent Lip Color May Be For You

When I look at my little girl, I see beautiful, soft, rose colored lips.  They are perfectly shaped and the color is just as pretty around the edge of her lips as it is in the center.  Her skin is smooth and plump.  As I admire her beauty, I am reminded of the important role the lips play in a youthful looking face.  We are all natural beauties when we are little girls.  Unfortunately, looking our best isn’t that easy as we age.

Take a look at your lips.  Have you noticed that they look thinner or that the color has faded?  Most women notice losing some color around the lip line, or vermillion border, by the age of 30, and the problem continues to get worse with age.  Tiny breaks in color around the lip’s edge are usually the first sign of aging lips.  This often leads to a partial or total loss of color in the lips as the years go by.  Another sign of aging lips is the loss of volume that occurs.  The lips can be injected with filler such as Juvaderm or Restylane to give a plumping effect, but this will not correct the issue of color loss.

Although wearing lipstick is an option, many women save it for evening or special occasions because they don’t want to look like they’re wearing makeup all the time.  Some women are confused about how to apply their lipstick, especially when part of their own lip color is missing color.  It is a challenge for them to choose the right lipstick or pencil and even more difficult for them to shape their lips properly.  Deciding how to improve the appearance of your lips can be scary and overwhelming, especially if you aren’t used to wearing much makeup.  But by paying attention to this very important feature, you can look younger and feel more confident.

Permanent lip color is a great way to bring youth back to your face.  First, we look at the center of your mouth where your natural lip color is the strongest to determine which color should be used.  Next, we will use a lip pencil to show you what your lips could look like if color were added to the parts that have faded over time.  Once you approve the shape, the permanent color is applied to your lips, which can take from fifteen to forty five minutes, depending on each person.

When lipstick, glosses, and lip pencils are worn, the color is vibrant because it is on top layer of your skin (the epidermis).  These products adhere themselves to your dead skin cells and then come off when you wash your face.  Permanently applied lip color is different.  It is applied to the lower layer of your skin (dermis) and does not come off when you wash your face.  Permanent color also looks much softer than lipstick because it is buried beneath the top layer of your skin, much like your own natural lip color.  It is also very easy to wear lipsticks or glosses over top of your permanent lip color, so you will never be stuck with the same color all the time.

If you are looking for a way to perk up your look without appearing fake or overdone, permanent lip color is perfect for you.  This simple procedure can help correct imperfections and give you back the youthful lips you once had.  Best of all, you will still be able to enjoy a “no makeup” look when you want one. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!