Permanent Lip Color & Lip Blushing

Applying color to the lips will give definition, fullness and a more youthful appearance. Because color is put into the lower layer of the skin, the result is always natural looking, and you will still be able to change the color with your own lipstick when you want to. Color and shape are customized for each client.  As we age, our lips tend to lose color and definition, causing the lips to appear small and dull looking. Permanent Lip Makeup enhances the lips by adding soft, natural looking color and corrects imperfections and asymmetry by creating definition to the edge of the lips.  

At Cosmetic Solutions, we use several different permanent lip color techniques including permanent lipliner, full lip color, lip liner with blending, permanent lip tinting, and permanent lip blushing.   We offer an endless customized color selection, however, there are limitations to how dark your permanent lip color should be applied. Regardless of what color you have applied permanently, you can change your permanent lip color, if you want, with regular lipstick for the occasional variety. However, you can be confident that your permanently made up lips will look great all the time.

How is permanent lips makeup applied? Basically, the process involves cosmetic tattooing around and/or inside the lip area.  Your permanent makeup artist will apply permanent lip color around and/or in your lips uses a medical-grade disposable needle cartridge and a digital machine to penetrate the skin and release the pigment. At Cosmetic Solutions, however, we make sure that this is done safely and almost painlessly. First, we will apply a topical anesthetic cream to numb the lips.  Once the area is numb, using a sterile lip pencil, we will design your lip shape. Finally, using a special disposable cartridge, vibrating tattooing needle(s), your artist will apply the pigment into the upper layer of your skin. Every time the tattooing needle penetrates your skin, a tiny droplet of pigment is released into the punctured area. Your permanent makeup artist will proceed until she finishes putting on your permanent lipliner or full lip color makeup. The procedure takes anywhere between 20-60 minutes to complete depending on whether you want a permanent full lip color or just a permanent lipliner makeup done on you.

After the permanent makeup procedure is done, clients usually feel that the color is as intense as a heavy lipstick application.  This fades to a softer color within the first 4-7 days and the final healed color peaks about 6 weeks later.  At Cosmetic Solutions, Permanent Lip Color is a favorite of our clients! They enjoy the freedom of having beautiful lips all day, every day, without the fuss of applying makeup or the worry of their lipstick smudging or running.