Skinceuticals Micropeel

Skinceuticals Micropeel



At Cosmetic Solutions we are proud to only use SkinCeuticals brand chemical peels.

Chemical Peels:

Micropeel is a non-surgical procedure which uses solutions that are medically safe and mild, to rid the skin of dead cells that cause the appearance of your skin to look dull, dry, and aged. At Cosmetic Solutions we are proud to only use SkinCeuticals brand chemical peels. Based on years of our own experience, we have come to agree with SkinCeuticals’ claim that their pharmaceutical-grade professional peels can stimulate collagen production and thereby reduce facial lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. With their full range of  professional pharmaceutical grade unbuffered AHA peels, we can customize each individuals results to strengthen skins structure, smooth skins texture, diminish acne, and reduce pigmentation problems. Another added benefit of using our SkinCeuticals peels is that they come in a variety of strengths and are all pure unbuffered acids, meaning they are mainly derived from several organic and natural sources.

Skinceuticals Micropeel

What to expect during my Micropeel?

During your Chemical Peel session at Cosmetic Solutions, one of our licensed and experienced estheticians will start by thoroughly cleansing your skin using SkinCeuticals’ Gentle Cleanser. After revealing a clean canvas you will then be dermaplaned. Dermaplane in short, uses a small tool with a sterile disposable blade, that glides across the skin. This is done to exfoliate the epidermis, or upper most layer of the skin, while shaving all the fine vellus hair from your face. Your esthetician will then apply a SkinCeuticals micropeel solution or gel, that will best fit the needs of your skin. While the solution is on it is common to experience mild, temporary burning or itching, which is easily remedied by cooling lotions or creams applied directly following.  A chemical peel typically has no downtime and no visible evidence of peeling, and our clients may resume their normal daily activities. However, our clients with a fairer complexion may experience some redness of the skin for the following day or so. At Cosmetic Solutions we cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your skin from the sun at all times, but especially when the skin is vulnerable or compromised after any of our skin treatments.

How many sessions are needed?

For the best results we recommend six mircopeel treatments, with two weeks in between each session. Once you have completed your series of treatments and achieved your newly soft and smooth look, we suggest following up with maintenance sessions every one to three months. You can also have longer lasting results with a great at home system. Our knowledgeable estheticians will be glad to help you chose from our variety of SkinCeuticals products, to ensure you are using the products that are going to work best for your specific skin concerns, and pair well with your peel.

What makes our Micropeels different?

Other chemical peels may penetrate the skin so deeply that they can remove scars. While our Micropeels do no penetrate deep enough to remove scars, wrinkles, or other major skin defects, we feel it is safer, more affordable, and less complicated of a process for long lasting results.  In fact, when paired with a good home regimen , our micropeels are often all that most people need to keep their skin looking young and vibrant for an indefinitely long while.


A TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel is a type of chemical peel that uses a solution containing TCA to improve the appearance of the skin. The solution is applied to the skin, typically on the face, and left on for a short period of time before being neutralized and removed.

TCA peels are often used to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and acne scars. They work by removing the outermost layers of the skin, which can help to stimulate collagen production and reveal fresher, smoother skin.

TCA peels come in various strengths, ranging from mild to deep, depending on the individual's skin type and the desired results. Mild peels typically have minimal downtime, while deeper peels may require several days of recovery time as the skin heals.

It's important to choose a reputable and experienced professional to perform a TCA peel, as the treatment can cause skin irritation and other complications if not done correctly. It's also important to follow appropriate aftercare instructions to ensure the best results and minimize the risk of complications.